Orthotics - Lower Extremities: Ankle Foot Orthosis


Solid Ankle AFO

  • Provides triplanar ankle/foot motion control
  • Medial/lateral ankle stability
  • Post-operative support/protection
  • Knee stability during stance
  • Mild knee hyperextension control
  • Custom or off-the-shelf available


Articulating Ankle AFO

  • Provides dynamic dorsiflexion
  • Controlled adjustable plantar flexion
  • Controls posterior migration of tibia
  • Medial/lateral stability of ankle
  • Custom or off-the-shelf


Dorsi Assist AFO

  • Dynamic dorsiflexion assist
  • Passive plantar flexion resistance
  • Allows smooth plantar flexion from initial heel contact to foot fl at insuring knee stability with presence of mild weakness of quads
  • Contraindicated with spasticity

Crow Walker

  • Customize Charcot restraint orthotic walker
  • Designed for patients with ulcers on the plantar aspect of the foot and for charcot
  • Available with patella tendon designed for maximum off loading
  • Customized inner boot for unique conditions

Arizona Style AFO

  • Sulcus metatorsa or full foot length options  available
  • Soft molded leather inner shell
  • Natural molded leather outer shell
  • Light-weight plastic structural shell
  • Padded 1/8" closed cell foam
  • Standard metatarsal length foot plate
  • Standard lace with one velcro closure


  • Carbon fiber AFO
  • Anterior shell is height-adjustable and heat moldable for customization and comfort     
  • Elongated Strut is made of reinforced carbon fiber and glass composite for a more dynamic gait
  • Anterior Shell is padded ensuring reduced pressure on the Tibial Crest
  • Footplate is adjustable allowing a customized fit

Comprehensive Flexible Solid Ankle AFO/PLS

  • Full-calf height AFO
  • Limits plantar flexion and allows limited dorsiflexion
  • Custom or off-the-shelf available
  • Indicated for mild foot drop when ankle M/L stability is not required

Sure Step Fixed Position Stirrup

  • The fixed position allows post injury immobilization and return to function in a single brace 
  • Durable construction
  • Alternative to solid ankle AFO

Articulating Position Stirrup

  • Rigid foam-liquid plastic shells with ¾ length contoured footplate provides superior support and arch
  • Anatomical design offers custom fit
  • Two anterior and one posterior strap ensure fit
  • Alternative to custom articulating ankle AFO

Aircast Gel Stirrup

  • Gel bladders line rigid plastic shells
  • Cool gel conforms to bony ankle prominences eliminating pressure points
  • Offers medial lateral stabilization
  • Allows normal plantar/dorsiflection
  • Contoured shell conforms closely to ankle
  • Hook and loop closure allows easy donning and doffing
  • Indicated for ankle sprains

Swede-O Ankle Brace

  • Patented offset panel positions laces between inner and outer section maintaining tightness of laces
  • Exclusive close spaced eyelet design effectively locks heel in place
  • Full elastic back ensures unrestricted blood flow to Achilles' tendon and prevents blisters
  • Seamless arch comfortably fits contour of foot
  • Triple layer vinyl laminate provides comfort and durability
  • Spiral stays offer increased support

Contracture Boot

  • Provides heel suspension to prevent and heal pressure sores
  • Treats plantar flexion contractures
  • Ambulating sole easily slides on and off without tools
  • Clear heel section allows wound evaluation without removal
  • Anti-rotational bar pulls out when positioning is needed
  • Toe post prevents contact with sheets
  • Reversible toe post lengthens footplate
  • Neon orange laundry bad included for washable soft liner

Plantarflexion Night Splint

  • Night time comfortable adjustable passive stretch
  • Prefabricated splint
  • Minimal household ambulation possible because of a non-skid surface on the sole of the orthosis
  • Designed for the treatment of plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis
  • Features adjustable dorsiflexion for controlled passive stretch of the affected region
  • Pre-set 10 degrees ankle dorsiflexion
  • Pre-set 20 degrees toe extension
  • Replaceable, black plush laminated foam liners to ensure patient compliance
  • Fabricated of polypropylene, patient friendly c-fold loop and hook closures at calf and instep
  • Adjustable hook and loop dorsiflexion straps and forefoot strap option